University of Islam (UIN) Alauddin Makassar, no longer come with P-SNCA Nusantara in the selection of new admissions Joint Entrance Examination lane State University (UMB-PTN) this year.
This was said by the administration bureau chief academic and student affairs, Drs HM Yusuf Rahim MPd. "This year, UIN Alauddin no longer follow the path UMB PTN Maba acceptance," he said recently at the Campus II UIN, Samata, Gowa.

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It is said, not participation UIN Alauddin at UMB PTN as in the previous two years.
Joseph, said that UMB PTN exercise along with two tracks namely acceptance of Maba National Selection Entrance State University (SNMPTN) together with state universities in Indonesia and Selection College Admissions Islamic State Islamic Religious Affairs (SPBM-PTAIN) under the Ministry of Religious Affairs .
"Because the track along with the track selection and reception SNMPTN SMPTN-PTAIN, then the UIN Alauddin decided not to participate in the path PTN UMB this year, because he wanted to focus Maba acceptance through SNMPTN and SNCA-PTAIN," he said.
Joseph added that the current focus UIN through SMPTN Maba acceptance and receipt of Maba PTAIN UML path. "So the quota previously provided to UMB path PTN, will be transferred to the SNCA-PTAIN and UML" added Joseph.
He said, with, cancellation UIN Alauddin following the path of new revenue channels UMB, means this year, UIN only accept Maba through six lanes of PMJK, SNMPTN, SNCA-PTAIN, UML, MSEs and reception path Scholarship Shoot Mission.