The 2012 national examination results (UN) can be integrated to enter public universities (PTN). Moreover, it has become a collective agreement.

This is expressed by educational researchers from the Center for Educational Assessment Ministry of National Education (Ministry of National Education), Drs. Safari, M., P.A.U. told reporters on the sidelines of a workshop in Bandung education Vocational School (SMK) District 9, Jln. Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta, Wednesday (28 / 9).

"But certainly whether or not the policy of the government, I can not be sure," said Safari.

It is said, wants the UN to integrate the value of PT, because the UN was the same (standard). While public universities have not been standardized exam results. "This is the basis, we want the UN could be admission to state universities," he said.

According to him, in the implementation, the UN has been running smoothly and perfectly. That need to be perfected, is the only technical problems, especially for entry into the PTN.

"PTN must accept, because this discourse has been discussed and agreed between the parties," he added.

According to him, from the research results, implementation of the UN in Indonesia the envy of other countries, especially from the technical side of implementation. In addition, the UN is the same standard of value, namely 5.5 standard value even if the UN is still relatively small.

"In other countries, like Malaysia and Singapore standardized test scores of at least seven," he said.

Safari said the UN to measure students' ability to be implemented nationally. While the material being tested is at least the lesson has been taught in school.

"There's no way the material being tested is a lesson not taught in school," he said.

The existence of the cons of this examination, because the material in accordance with the UN is not being taught. Safari said the school should introspection, because the teacher did not teach properly.

Separately, Head of Education Jabar, Prof. Dr. Wahyudin Zarkasyi said the UN to integrate the results into the PTN was already discussed and will be piloted in 2012. However, there are some technical implementation should be enhanced.

"Implementation of the UN Special mechanisms are integrated into state universities," he added.

Wahyudin claimed to strongly support the UN can be a prerequisite for entry PTN. "But there are some that must be perfected," he said.

While Chairman of the Board of Education of Bandung, Kusmeni Hartadji rate, pemeritah not yet ready to integrate the UN to be a prerequisite get into state universities. In addition to the implementation of the system is not perfect, it still happens dishonesty among students and supervisors in the implementation of the UN.