Admission form through a national selection into public universities is expected to facilitate students' invitation to register at the community college choice. However, only the good students who could meet the criteria to register this point.

Thus expressed teachers' guidance and counseling (BK) RSBI SMAN 12 Jakarta Utara, Dwi Daryani, to Kompas.com, Monday (14/02/2011). He said that so far the selection of the national college entrance track invitations to 2011 (SNMPTN invitation 2011) assessed to be profitable, both for schools and students and parents.

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"For parents certainly beneficial because if it had, when still with independent channels, there is the cost incurred. While overall it's been paid," said Dwi.

In terms of academics, the magnitude of the portion of the invitation was profitable lines of students, especially for students whose achievement is always good in school. With an average quota of 60 percent, this path ultimately the most desirable students rather than write SNMPTN path.

"Indeed, many who choose the path invitation, but my school are selected first. We also see for yourself, IPB just give 70 percent quota, UI 65 percent. This means a greater chance invitation path to be chosen according to student achievement," said Dwi.

He said the invitation to join track, students should always be included in that class rank is calculated from the fifth semester. For that, said Dwi, currently being finalized phase entering student data.

"Later, tracked student achievement, ranging from a single semester. Only the entrance to 30 major classes that can come with an invitation lines," said Dwi.

As is known, SNMPTN invitation lines that used only for SMA / MA / SMK / MAK accredited A and B now also open to schools accredited C. However, the quota of students allowed to register via the invitation is determined based on school accreditation.

As for all students in schools with accreditation A type of accelerated classes can follow the path SNMPTN invitation. A school accredited by the type class RSBI / seed can transmit 75 percent of the best students at the school.


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