Yet this year, the number of incoming PTN increases, namely Kuala University in Aceh, Jambi University, and the State Islamic University (UIN) Makassar. Chairman of the Committee of UMB-PTN 2009 Sucipto said the decline in capacity is much influenced by the absence of Hasanuddin University is the accommodation of this year.

"I do not remember the exact figures at UMB Unhas capacity last year, but big enough," said Sucipto in the press release in SMPB Nusantara Room, Saturday (6 / 6).

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Vice Rector for Academic UNJ Rafli Zainal also recognize that it also reduces the amount of capacity through UMB-PTN. This year, UNJ only provides 612 seats through UMB-PTN or declined about 20 percent of capacity last year.

"UNJ carrying capacity at UMB as a whole declined due to decreased capacity. We want to focus on improving quality," said Zainal to Kompas.com.

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Indonesia M Anis said that the capacity provided by the UI via the UMB-PTN 2009 only 850 seats. However, Anis said forget whether there was a decrease of capacity by the same route last year.

Meanwhile, the committee ensures that the number of seats provided by the University of North Sumatra to 2,000 seats. The ratio between the capacity and number of participants does not change, namely 1:9, due to decreased capacity through UMB-PTN followed by a decrease in the number of participants who register. This year, participants from the figure amounted to 74,544 people 98,426 people last year.


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