In 2008, a result of a misunderstanding SNMPTN information, dozens of participants of the National Selection State University Entrance exam the first day of absence following the SNMPTN. Those who are disappointed this question to the Secretariat of the Local Committee Bandung SNMPTN 2008, Thursday (3 / 7).

Participants who come to the Secretariat Panlok SNMPTN 2008 in Bandung, Bandung Institute of Technology Labtek V amounted to 16 people. Some accompanied their parents. They came rollicking, yesterday afternoon, after the exam tests the ability of the IPS. They are entirely a participant of the IPS line that har i did not take the test on Wednesday (2 / 7) because one perceives errata schedule.

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Ilham Maulana (17), participants who came all the way from Gunung Halu, Bandung regency, was disappointed with the exam schedule errata committee who judged incomplete. Because, in the correction was only written tests IPS Wednesday. "Only then was told the schedule matched with the manual. In fact, because the copies, I get error below it there is no need to match the writing manual," he complained.

Hendri Kusmayadi (19), participants from Pontianak, express, errata committee who has made it confusing. Therefore, only the written exam schedule at 10.30 on Thursday (3 / 7). He felt aggrieved over this incident. Because, will close his chance to pass SNMPTN 2008. "Moreover, this year they follow the national selection this PTN. We ask that the policy committee to follow-up tests," he said.

Confirmed separately, Chairman Panlok Bandung SNMPTN 2008 Adang Surahman asserted, authority and such supplementary exam on the central committee. Bandung Panlok will only deliver the minutes of this issue to the center.

He explained that these cases occur due to typographical errors in the exam schedule IPS group participants card. Meanwhile, printing of forms, cards of participants, test scripts and manual were all conducted in the central committee. "We include the revision. The revised it's just wrong," he said.

On the card the original participants (before revision), the written exam first and second day are equally at 07.30 pm. In fact, specifically the IPS, should test the second day was at 11.00. Typographical errors also occurred on 11 page guidebook.


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