Indonesian Education University Entrance Examination (UM-UPI) aims to obtain prospective students excel by giving opportunities to the community more broadly to become students, and contribute in improving the quality of education in the UPI.

Education University of Indonesia was established on October 20, 1954 in Bandung, was inaugurated by the Minister of Education Teaching Mr. Muhammad Yamin. Originally called the Higher Education Teacher Education (PTPG), was established with the background history of the growth of the nation, who realize that efforts to educate and educate the nation is an important part in the independence. Some reasons for the establishment of PTPG among others:

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First, after Indonesia achieved independence, the Indonesian people are very hungry for education. Second, the need for qualified teachers prepared and university level to improve the quality of education that will pioneer the establishment of a prosperous society.

UPI main building debris originated from a villa called Villa Isola, is a relic of a former era before World War II. (In the struggle against the occupiers, the building was once used as headquarters of the freedom fighters). Debris was rebuilt and later transformed into a building called Earth Siliwangi magnificent architectural style of the original.

It was here for the first time the boys got gemblengan teacher education at university level, as the realization of the Decree of the Minister of Education Teaching and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (No. 35 742 dated 1 September 1954 regarding the establishment PTPG / High school Teacher Education).


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