Based on Government Regulation no. 66 years of 2010 and Regulation of Minister no. 34 of 2010 concerning the pattern of acceptance of new student program (S1) to college, then to new admissions process S1 Undip in 2011 will be arranged through a national selection and selection of local / independent.

Selection paths into programs Diponegoro University Strata 1 (S1) for the year 2011 are as follows:

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a. Selection By Local / Independent

1. Line PSSB (Potential Student Selection Program) Tier 1 partnership program. Potential Student Selection Program (PSSB) Partnership is one of the selection of incoming students to the University of Diponegoro without the written exam. Aside from the Gaza SNMPTN Invitation, PSSB partnership will still be held but time after SNMPTN. S1 PSSB Undip Partnership is a new candidate selection program conducted basing interest, academic potential, and potential cooperation for development UNDIP donations in the form of participation. Interests and academic potential of prospective students in the selection PSSB-Partnership is seen from the academic reputation of the prospective student during his education at the high school indicated by the value of report cards and other awards earned by the achievement of certain accomplishments. Interest in prospective students to enter one of the courses of study at UNDIP will also be considered with the capacity and level of competition among applicants. Consideration of potential co-operation will mainly be focused on the willingness of donors / sponsors or prospective parents of students in participating to contribute to the development of Diponegoro. Thus, PSSB PARTNERSHIP is a new student selection process is based on two aspects, namely the academic potential and interest of prospective students, and aspects of participation in the development of the university.
2. Line UM (Self Test) is an independent selection lines through a written test to participate in educational programs in Undip S1. Registration will begin May 2 to June 24. Further information can be accessed at: http://um.undip.ac.id

b. Selection Nationally

1. SNMPTN (National Selection Entrance State University) Path Invitation Based Penjaringan Academic Achievement. Registration opened on 1 February - 12 March 2011. Registration and information can be accessed on the web: www.snmptn.ac.id
2. SNMPTN (National Selection Entrance State University) point written examination and / or skills. Registration opened on May 2 to 24 2011. Registration and information can be accessed www.snmptn.ac.id.
3. Line Scholarship Shoot Mission. Elucidation of the complete registration mechanism can be accessed at http://bidikmisi.dikti.go.id/portal. Year 2011 has a quota of 225 people Undip students who will receive scholarships Shutter Mission

For selection into the Diploma program in 2011 Undip all done locally / independently through selected channels as follows:

1. Line PSSB (Potential Student Selection Program) Academic Diploma III program. Selection has been open from 3 January 2011 to February 28, 2011 online. Full details can be read on the menu PSSB D3 in this web site.
2. Line UM D-III (Self Examination Diploma III) is the point of selection through a written test for entry into the diploma program Undip III. Registration will open around July-August 2011. Registration will be done online at the web site: http://um.undip.ac.id


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