College is hard enough these days without having to struggle through algebra, relying on the math skills of friends or college math self help books. I went through it with great effort on my part with math and algebra home work, assignments and even just sitting in class. Math was never a strong point of mine, even when I was younger. That is until I started getting some help from professional tutors that understood math was hard and algebra impossible for some college students. These students, more often than not had difficulties with math and algebra in high school or before that in junior high.

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Students that experience a problem in math from the beginning need to have the mental barriers of math broken down for them as only a math professional tutor or teacher can. Mid level Algebra basics must be understood as the class starts, not prior to the final. I hired an algebra tutor online when I started my second year of college; I was not going to let my math homework overpower all my other homework again. The price was reasonable and I even got some free minutes to start with which help with the learning curve of how it works. Algebra online is really quite simple with a camera and mic and if you don't have one they have ways to compensate with other software and tools. I went to this link and connected and was in general pleased and passed my class with ease.


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