National Education Minister (minister) Mohammad Nuh said, preparations for the implementation of the National Examination (UN) in 2010 will continue, because until now the National Education Ministry has not received the decision of the Supreme Court (MA)-related rejection of the UN appeal.

"The main National Examination held in March 2010 will be the usual way, because until now we have received and read the Supreme Court decision that instead of waiting for better preparing the implementation of UN," he said in a press conference about pascapenolakan National Examination cassation by the Supreme Court in Jakarta , Thursday night.

He said the UN will continue to run in 2010 for education in the country requires an established system, not always changing and there is a certainty.

On the other hand, the National Education Ministry will prepare the decision of the Supreme Court when the same content with the results of the High Court on May 3, 2007.

"If the Supreme Court decision related to the high court's decision, then the government has conducted points to claim the award, which is six points," he said.

However, six points from the high court's decision is not a single word that says the ban for the government to implement UN.

For example, the 3 points mentioned "to the Defendants Ordered to improve teacher quality, comprehensiveness of school infrastructure, access to full information on all regions in Indonesia before issuing a policy implementation more National Examination".

According to the minister, all of which were ordered in the decision
being, has been, and continues to be as it is part of the process, such as improving teacher qualifications have been conducted since 2006, repairing classrooms, use of internet in schools in number from year to year increase.

Mohammad Nuh who accompanied the echelon of the conference was told, in the implementation of the UN in 2010 will be changed, ie there is the UN test for students who did not pass the primary examination or examinations and follow-up.

"Therefore, implementation of the UN more time early in 2010, the month of March 2010, then there is follow-up national examination for students absent for various reasons. Then in May 2010 the UN carried out tests, so that good students who graduated at the main UN or UN test remains the opportunity to follow the selection into tertiary institutions, "he added.

Supreme Court (MA) rejected the appeal submitted by the government related to the implementation of the National Examination (UN) that the decision, it can be said that the UN is so far the government is legally flawed, and then banned UN to be held.

Petitioners in the case of the state of RI cq President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, State of RI cq Vice President, M. Jusuf Kalla - when the petition was filed -, State President of RI cq cq Minister of National Education, Bambang Sudibyo - when the petition was filed -.

In addition, the State President of RI cq cq cq Minister of National Education Chairman of the National Education Standards Agency, Bambang Soehendro against Kristiono et al (as the defendant used the plaintiff's appeal / the terbanding).

In its decision, the Supreme Court also imposes the petitioners appeal / the defendants to pay legal fees in this appeal level Rp500 thousand.

The existence of such decisions, as well as strengthen the High Court decision (PT) DKI Jakarta on May 3, 2007, but the government still held the UN for 2008 and 2009.

The government considered negligent in improving the quality of good teachers and infrastructure facilities, until the government was asked to consider the psychological and mental disorders the students as a result of the implementation of the UN.


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