Middle and High School can be a terrifying time for students and a very trying time for parents! No doubt, this age is one of the hardest for students and parents to adjust to! Between friends, social circles, extra-curricular activities, and now social networking on the internet, sometimes our students don't have the focus that they need to have on academics! What can you do as a parent to help your child stay focused?
Here are some tips that you can use to help your child have a successful year in Math Class. Use these tips with every subject, to ensure that your child stays on the right track!

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Stay in Touch!
Adolescents of this age continue to want more and more freedom! we should continue to give them more freedom as they get older, but don't lose touch completely! Yes... the days are gone where you sit down together to do homework, but there's nothing wrong with talking with your child about what they are learning in school and then asking if you could see some of their work. It's too late to help once the report cards are distributed!

Stay in Touch with the Teacher
With just about everyone having access to the internet, many teachers are posting grades and assignments online. Check with the teacher at the beginning of the school year. If grades are posted, check on a weekly basis to make sure that your child is turning in assignments and getting acceptable grades on those assignments. There is nothing wrong with being active in your child's education (No matter what they say!)

Schedule Conferences
As a middle school teacher, if I had five parents on Conference night, it was a lot! It's very frustrating for the teachers because you want to share the good news if the student is doing well and you want to help the students who are struggling. Education is only successful if parents and teachers work together! If you suspect that your child is struggling in math, definitely schedule a conference!

Get Help Early -
As soon as your child experiences difficulty with math concepts, get help immediately! In many schools, teachers will offer after school help sessions and free tutoring. Take advantage of the resources that your school offers! Math has a spiral effect where one skill builds on another. If your child struggled with solving one-step equations, then chances are they will have difficulty with two-step equations!

Stay Positive -
Best of Luck!


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