Making the transition from elementary school to middle school can be like culture shock to many children. With a whole new world to adjust to in a different environment, the school work can definitely make it all overwhelming.
Math is a particularly hard subject for many middle school kids. However, the right simple survival tips for middle school math can lead them to success. It may be a good idea for the student to have a folder or binder of a specific color so they'll know that's where the math stuff is put.

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Studying should be done in a quiet area, be it in the library or their room with no music or television noises. This will greatly help with concentration. Math problems should always be done with a pencil or erasable pen, never a regular pen. Mistakes happen, and they should be able to fix those mistakes. Failure to use an appropriate writing utensil will only lead to messy paper and lots of frustration.
The parents of the student must make sure that their child has the elementary school basics of math down before entering middle school. If they aren't confident about math, their grades will suffer as a result, and they may just want to give up.
If the student doesn't understand something, they should go to a teacher or adult they trust for help. Ignoring the parts they don't understand can only lead to trouble.
Knowing these simple survival tips for middle school math could never hurt anything or anyone, and the student will only find satisfaction in what they can do.


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