Since most entry-level engineering occupations require a formal education, a Bachelor Degree in mechanical engineering would be most desirable, but an Associate Degree would be adequate for some jobs.
Those who are gaining a mechanical engineering education will gain critical skills for the job, including extensive hands-on training. They will also be exposed to a general curriculum such as mathematics, computer training, lab training, and physical, life and social sciences. The latter part of a mechanical engineering education is spent more exclusively on the specific engineering trade.
Students applying for entry to mechanical engineering schools will need a solid background in math, science, English and other humanities.

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To offer public services, a mechanical engineer must not only have a thorough mechanical engineering education, but must also acquire licensure. All 50 states require engineers who offer services to the public to maintain a license. Additionally, mechanical engineers may also review options for certificate programs offered through a variety of professional organizations.
Mechanical engineers often work in the fields of architecture or engineering. Depending on the level of mechanical engineering education, candidates who have successfully acquired a Bachelor, Master or PhD Degree may earn as much as $68,000 annually.
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