Individuals who want to learn to be teachers may be prime candidates for education training. Vocational schools and community colleges offer a vast array of undergraduate classes to help future educators to learn the basics of the teaching profession, and to prepare for advanced education degrees.
There are a number of good schools and colleges offering training in education, including a few good online schools. Students just starting out can seek classes in a variety of related topics, such as childhood education, science, mathematics, language arts, social studies, and others. The idea is to gain experience and knowledge that can form a solid foundation for a future career in teaching.

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While classroom teachers K-12 and higher are generally required to have Bachelor or Master degrees in education, it is possible for qualified undergraduates to teach in pre-schools, vocational schools, and trade schools. You could qualify for positions teaching continuing education classes; or you could apply for a position as a teaching assistant with the right educational background and a minimum of an Associate degree.
What is your ultimate goal? If you are looking to become a college professor, you will very likely be required to possess a terminal degree (Master's or Doctorate Degree in Education). But, if you are willing to begin with an entry-level teaching position, you may be able to get there with some preliminary training from a vocational school or college. That could help you qualify to apply for elementary education degree programs at a college or university.


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