Peer tutoring is nothing new in the educational system. In the late 1990's the Third International Mathematics and Science Study came out with a report that basically said the United States was failing at instructing mathematics. Where the US has text book based instruction, other more mathematically successful countries were instructing with project based our group based instruction. What is more important is that these students of math will never use mathematics by themselves when they become productive citizens of our country. Putting your students in a row and telling them what to learn does very little to help them with this communication of mathematics.

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When a student learns in a group environment, they can bounce several idea off of their group and therefore develop problem solving skills. Teachers in the group environment should be a guide not a lecturer. In an age when parents and administrators are calling for individualized instruction, in a group learning environment teachers can walk around and quickly asses which students may or may not be struggling.
Group environments also help build confidence when students are asked to present their material to the class. What better skill is their to learn then to work hard with a group of fellow workers and then to be able to present that material to a larger group. This is definitely a valuable skill to have in the workplace no matter what field a student is interested in.
Group work is important in high school most simply because it teaches valuable life skills. Students that can work in groups and present to groups will be more productive members of society.


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