College level math can be quite difficult. If you want to take higher math in college, there is a process of preparation that you need to go through in order to make sure you are really prepared for these harder courses. Avoid trying to catch up by the time you are in college. While you are in high school, I advise you to try to take the advanced math classes if at all possible. Even though you might not be required to take these to graduate getting the highest levels of math beforehand will help you out quite a bit when wanting to take the higher math classes in college.

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One thing you should try to do is study the ACT and SAT math questions. Chances are if you don't understand this level of math you're going to have difficulty in college To help you get an understanding of this math you can get the workbooks for these tests and continue to learn until the math makes sense to you.
It also helps to learn from the internet. You will find there are videos on sites like YouTube and iTunes of math professors that are teachings techniques and problem solving. You can watch them as they teach and solve problems to help you get knowledge of advanced math. As you follow along and learn the techniques that you don't understand you'll soon become familiar with it.
I found that having a college level math book while in high school really helps you start working out the problems. Most of these books have the odd answers in the back of the book so that you can tell if you did the problems right or not.
You could also try to see if your high school offers some sort of tutoring that you can take advantage of, if that is not possible you can always get a paid tutor if you got funds. If this is too expensive, check and see if there are other parents who might want to split the cost of a tutor that can teach a group of students together instead.


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