Various exercises of the National Examination 2011 has been published by the site admin education primarily national exam sites. We see there are about 5-6 packets for each examination at every level of education where our exercises are very good and even better value because it is very nicely made by a team of professional instructors to consider the material lattice UN 2011, published by Kemdiknas.

On the site of the Math Courses, we publish a discussion about the exercise of UN 2011 for SMA Program Natural Science (IPA), perhaps among you also there that do not have the training package we provide you also download the full linksnya to the success of UN 2011 in the country which we love.

Download Pembahasan Latihan Soal UN - Mathematics

  1. Solutions Drill of Mathematics Package 1
  2. Solutions Drill of Mathematics Package 2
  3. Solutions Drill of Mathematics Package 3
  4. Solutions Drill of Mathematics Package 4
  5. Solutions Drill of Mathematics Package 5
  6. Solutions Drill of Mathematics Package 6

Theory of Mathematics UN SMA 2011, Download

Similarly, the changes revealed in the socialization of UN policies implemented Academic Year 2010/2011 the Ministry of National Education (Events Calendar) and National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) in Jakarta, Thursday (17/12).

These activities in addition to socializing also ask for input about changes to the UN from the local education district and college have memgang tinggi.Pemerintah memnag new formula. However, before it was officially established, the government and ask for input from local BSNP whether changes in the implementation of the UN in 2011 could be well received.


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