Various exercises of the National Examination 2011 has been published by the site admin education primarily national exam sites. We see there are about 5-6 packets for each examination at every level of education where our exercises are very good and even better value because it is very nicely made by a team of professional instructors to consider the material lattice UN 2011, published by Kemdiknas.

On the site of the Math Courses, we publish a discussion about the exercise of UN 2011 for Elementary Schools (SD/MI), perhaps among you also there that do not have the training package we provide you also download the full linksnya to the success of UN 2011 in the country which we love.

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Theory of Mathematics UN SD 2011, Download

Starting the academic year 2007/2008, the Ministry of National Education (MONE) enforce the National Standard School Final Examination (UASBN). The purpose of this UASBN was to assess the achievement of national competence in the eyes of a graduate teaching Indonesian Language, Mathematics and Natural Sciences (IPA). In addition, to encourage the achievement of targets compulsory quality basic education.

Those who will participate in this test, is learners who learn in the last year in elementary education units, Government Elementary School, and Elementary School Special (Blind, Deaf, lightweight and Tunalaras quadriplegic). Learners should also have a full report on the assessment of learning outcomes education units by semester 1 last year.

For the 2007/2008 academic year there are 5.2 million participants who will participate in UASBN throughout Indonesia. The number of 184,000 was derived from SD / Government Elementary School, SD Extraordinary. The amount of this, of course requires the preparation, supervision until will get the results as a benchmark to be used by the Education Ministry. This exam will take place in May.

UASBN results will be very useful for education, because it involves four things: First, the mapping quality of programs and / or educational unit. Secondly, the basis of selection into the next education level, the third determination unit graduation of students from basic education and the fourth into coaching and providing assistance to the educational unit in an effort to improve the quality of education.

Of the four UASBN results, it will be clearly visible with our quality of basic education throughout Indonesia. Quality basic education is able to determine the quality of further education. From the results it also will appear, where the education units that need to be assisted for their quality could be improved.

Therefore, there should be no coercion or uniformity UASBN graduation criteria that are not in accordance with the decision of the school. According to the Chairman of the National Education Standards Agency Djemari Mardapi, regardless of the minimal value is determined by the school, then it must be accepted by the local government. Well, by granting authority to the respective graduation criteria - each school is, as an effort to obtain the desired mapping from the UASBN to be fulfilled. Because that's how the actual conditions of each - each elementary school will be visible.

Unfortunately indeed, still there is a tendency of some areas that are uniform minimum value of graduation with a reason to reach the target of 100 percent graduation. In fact, there is also suspected that the school determines the minimum value is very low. This, though still acceptable, but will backfire in the future, because the school will not get the trust of the community.

Similarly, the intervention of the Regional Education Office is trying to create uniformity for the sake of chasing a target of graduation, will only make the quality of education in the area would not be visible. Because after all, each school has a graduation rate based on the quality of diversity in the schools concerned.

Graduation from school, have their own procedures. Criteria are determined by the board meeting to consider teachers with a minimum value of each subjects tested with an average rating of all three subjects. This clarifies the position of schools and teachers who have authority in determining the graduation of students.

Indeed, in a matter of UASBN, not all made by the organizers UASBN at the provincial level, but shared with the center. There are about 25 percent of the National Agency for Education (BNSP), and the remaining about 75 percent comes from about UASBN organizers based on the specifications of the school year 2007/2008 which is set by BNSP.

While the questions are assembled and selected by BNSP, can be developed and managed by the National Education Research Agency. While the matter is determined by teacher representatives from each district have been trained.

But the claim arose, how about supervision? Will the leakage problem can occur? How to avoid fraud is highly likely to occur? This is where the role of supervision to be very decisive. Not just for the sake of mere oversight, but to maintain the image quality of education and education itself.

Department of Education has determined that for the control, all delivered to every penyelangara UASBN at central, provincial, and district / city hinggga Branch Office of Education / Technical Executive Unit District Association in accordance with the duties and kewenagannya. While the exam room surveillance, conducted by a team of supervisors UASBN.

Cooperation in this matter of oversight, even done in stages, is expected to decrease the incidence of fraud. If any kecurang occur, the possibility can quickly revealed because the supervisors come from UASBN own supervisor who has the integrity that is not in doubt.

Confidentiality matter has been made since the matter is made and entered kepercetakan. To duplicate a matter, conducted by the provincial printing company established by the organizers UASBN provincial level in accordance with the provisions of laws - laws. That is, any possibility of cheating will get sanctions as already governed by laws - laws.

To process the results UASBN, can only be done by the organizers of the scanner system UASBN provincial level by using rating systems and standards that have been defined BNSP. The results of this pengelolahan, will be archived at the Center for Educational Assessment on Research and Development Board Ministry of National Education. Later, as a sign of graduation, each student who participated in this exam, will receive the Certificate of Results UASBN (SKH UASBN) issued by any school or madrassa.

The success of the implementation UASBN this time, further education is crucial. Therefore, this method will be used also for education in junior and senior high schools, which applies nationally. So this school UASBN initial step before heading to the next step which will be used at all levels of education.


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