Millions are desperately looking for free federal government bailouts for credit card debt like those used for "too big to fail" banks. There really is total card debt relief for everyone but a better name might be "credit card bailout law." It is very easy to eliminate unsecured debt using a few simple legal moves all guaranteed by law.
The influence of modern banking institutions begins in the school systems were young students learn math basics which is not the way banks do their math and the truth is even suppressed on college campuses. Wouldn't it be nice if you could pull money from thin air like the bankers do? Actually you can but the best part is you can make it disappear back into thin air and that is the biggest secret of the entire banking industry! Making your card debt disappear is not some abracadabra magic trick; it's just a matter of wiping the slate clean using a simple federal law written back in 1966.

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The bankers' secret system is really quite simple. You get an application in the mail for a credit card, fill in the required information, drop it in the mail and the card company sends you a little plastic card which allows you to pull money from thin air just like the banker does it.
To keep this money from disappearing back into thin air, the card company sends you a monthly statement with some interest rate attached which could be as much as 30% or more and you in turn send your real money to the company keeping the wheels spinning and you in debt for the rest of your life. Use the search term "Frontline - the credit card game" to see how that part works.
When you decide you don't want to play the bankers game anymore and want your debt to vanish back into thin air, you follow a very simple legal process that does it. This process makes federal law kick in and you will have your bailout, or your debt relief whichever you prefer to call it. What it will actually do is make your debt disappear back into thin air where it came from.
You have now upset the banker by not playing his game and he will sell your account information to a debt collector for pennies on the dollar of what you allegedly owe.
Here is the federal law you will need to complete your bailout process. Use the search term "FTC debt video" to see the simplicity of this 1966 law which existed before credit cards. Handling collection phone calls is so easy, some people are actually making a fortune when collectors violate their rights. To see a couple of examples use the search terms "man wins 1.5 million in debt collection lawsuit" and "woman sues debt collector and wins eight million."
The last thing to do is to answer written collection notices with a demand for "proof of debt" sent to the collector by registered mail with return receipt. Under the old 1966 law is literally impossible for the collector to show legal proof that you owe him any money whatsoever!
It may be hard for you to believe a free federal government credit card debt bailout law from back in the mid-60s exists but you've just seen the proof. Will you use your legal bailout or keep complaining? Live life and have fun!


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