There are several tips that students can follow that will help them improve their scores on math tests. Students should identify the problems that they definitely know how to answer, and they should identify those which will be more difficult to solve.
It is important for students to manage their time and work by the clock. It is best for students to start with the problems that they are sure they can answer easily. This will build confidence and ensure that they don't run out of time before answering the easier questions. If students are having trouble answering a problem, then they should move on to another question. It is not a good idea to spend 15 minutes on one problem that may not yield any points if there are other easier problems to answer. After answering the problems that are easier to solve, they can go back to the ones that will take more time to answer.

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It is usually a good idea for students to show their work, even if the test or teacher does not require it. This makes it easy for the teacher grading the test to see how much a student knows. Even if an answer is incorrect, some math teachers will assign partial credit based on the work that students show. If students do not have enough space to write down their work on the test page, then they may want to put their work on another sheet. Students should not erase their work if they think that it is incorrect. They can simply draw a line through the work that they want ignored. Not only does erasing waste time, but students may later discover that they erased something useful.
When working on a multiple-part math problem, it is a good idea for students to outline the steps before actually working the problem. Solving the other easier parts first may help them figure out how to complete the part which was giving them trouble. Finally, when students finish a math test early, they should check over their answers. Following these tips can help students maximize their math test scores and improve their grades.


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